the dragon decided to CCDE wait quietly. Ha ha ha Smile South brother, what people have to let us come out to meet ah A hea.rty laughter came, then the figure also appeared in the dragon and Long laugh South in front of not far away. Long laugh the South is too lonely, as long as there are individuals to him will let us come out to meet Is a figure surfaced, with a strong momentum and strong tolerance. Is not a dragon family have come in the younger generation The last one is a long bearded man, but he appeared, dragon body of the dragon gas can not help the operation of the up, this is definitely the strongest One. Long Haannan laughed, and then against the dragon said I came to introduce you to introduce, Longma Mountain, Long Kun, Long Tiao These three, are all It s my old friend s last alternative The dragon will be one of their names in mind, the hearts of shock Cisco Certification abnormal, revealing respectful and respectful look said Dragon forty ni.nth generation CCDE it exam of children decided to meet several ancestors Ha ha ha Dragon is already the forty ninth generation My heart is soothing ah Long Toufeng laughed and laugh, and several other have also expressed a goodwill against the dragon. Dragon decided, I think you are very general, the body seems to have a force we can not see through Long Toufeng eyes torch, staring at the dragon looked for a while, only slowly said. Yes Dragon resolute nod

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352-001 ADVDESIGN Cisco CCDE
352-011 Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam Cisco CCDE