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Dinner's Ready- GPP Feb24 (1)

Dinner’s Ready: Jamie Parker-Smith’s Teriyaki Chicken Bowls

“I seriously do not like to cook – it’s not a passion of mine. I can’t just throw some things together and make them taste good. My husband is a […]

Dinner's Ready- GPP JAN. 2023

Dinner’s Ready: Carolyn Lungaro’s Mama Cs Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

“Watching people have a good homemade meal brings so much joy to my heart,” shares Carolyn Lungaro, owner of Mama Cs Cajun Cookin’ in Pensacola. “Watching my Cajun grandmother and […]

Dinner's Ready- GPP DEC. 2023

Dinner’s Ready: Mitzi Schafer’s White Bean Chicken Soup

The cold weather has already been creeping in along the Gulf Coast for a month or so now, but December officially ushers in the first day of Winter for 2023. […]

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