Empowering Expression: Giving Dimension to Disabled Voices

The Arc Gateway is proud to partner with the Pensacola Museum of Art to present a collection of artwork created by the agency’s program participants, all of whom are individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This exhibit aims to highlight the many talents and abilities our clients possess, thereby challenging the flat, one-dimensional depiction of those with disabilities as being defined primarily by limitations. Instead, through the display of their original pieces, we want to help shape the perspective about those we serve, and provide a clearer picture of who they are as creative, productive and contributing members of our larger, diverse community. The pieces in the exhibit are created in The Arc Gateway’s fully-equipped art studio alongside a dedicated instructor, who teaches the fundamental concepts of art such as color, shape, space, form and texture. The program participants then experiment with various mediums including ceramics, acrylic paint, charcoal, pastels and more. These multi-dimensional artists bring unique experiences and innovative processes to their works and through them, expand others’ understanding of their viewpoints and voices.  www.pensacolamuseum.org

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