September 2021 Issue

Our Annual Special Need Focus!

We love to support our Special Needs Families! They are an inspiration as they travel their unique paths to celebrate their children and help them be their best. Besides our regular columns and features, you’ll also find our Special Needs Guide for any family in need of support and services from our community. Please click share and pass along all helpful content to all moms and dads who need to be encouraged through this month’s issue.


How Video Games Can Help Kids with Special Needs

For kids with special needs, video games can offer opportunities to practice everything from communication skills to organization — even social interaction — in a comfortable environment where players set the pace. While games designed specifically for kids with special needs can address certain issues, many mainstream titles can support your kid’s learning. Mainstream games […]

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The Call to Care: Is it Your Time to Consider Foster Care or Adoption?

Imagine with me for a moment that you wake up tomorrow morning, coffee cup in hand, you open your front door to let that early morning sun stream into your sleepy, still, quiet home and there – sitting before you on the porch – is a child. Alone. Dirty. Crying. Broken. In need of care. […]

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Dave Says: Make an Impact with Investing?

A friend recently mentioned something called impact investing to me. What exactly is this? How do impact investment funds perform, and what do you think about them? Impact investing generally aims to benefit society, while providing a profit for the investor, by investing in companies, funds and organizations that are aligned with causes, certain values […]

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