June 2024 Issue


Dinner’s Ready: The McIntosh’s Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

Nathan McIntosh and his wife Naomi met nearly twenty years ago over a chicken sandwich. So, it seems fitting that he decided to share a chicken teriyaki sandwich for the […]


Unplugged and Liberated Re-Entry is Hard!

 I took 30 days off of social media.  Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, I decided to take what felt like a bold step and disconnect.  In the spirit of full transparency […]


From the Publisher – June 2024

I have the best memories of summers as a kid.  Summers always included VBS, time with cousins, and neighborhood friends. Time spent at my grandmother’s house in the country was […]


From the Publisher – May 2024

Many parents enter the month of May with a range of emotions. Excited is one emotion because we all made it to the finish line of another school year and […]

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Celebrate All the Dads in Your Life for Father’s Day

Growing up with a single mom, Father’s Day always felt a bit tricky. I did have a relationship with my biological dad, but we were not very close. Instead of […]


How Social Media is Shaping Your Children

Our children, no matter what age, soak up everything.  They are sponges that absorb their friends, celebrities, social media, television shows, and movies.  For the most part, mature adults can […]


9 Ways to Amp Up Creative Family Fun

Are you simultaneously excited about and dreading summer? If so, make the most of all of the unstructured, non-scheduled time your kids will soon be spending at home…or summer may […]


Don’t Risk It All

My husband is a good, hard-working man, who has been stuck in a job he really doesn’t like for almost 10 years. He came to me the other day with […]


What’s Your Parenting Style? (And Which Style is Best)

Psychologists Baumrind, Maccoby, and Martin used observations and interviews to identify parenting styles. The researchers assessed disciplinary strategies, communication styles, displays of nurture and warmth, and expectations of maturity and […]

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